Rigging Inspections -Don't get caught with your boom down!
When was the last time your rigging was inspected? If it wasn't in the last year or two then it's time! Sail power is the primary function of your sailboat rigging. One small hairline crack in a shackle, turnbuckle or shroud could quickly turn into a major rig failure. We can thoroughly inspect your running and standing rigging, spreaders, winches and hardware, lifelines and more to ensure integrity and your safety. For more information on rig inspections,
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Rig Tuning
A mast out of column is dangerous. Too much slop in your backstay or cap shrouds will have major effects on the boats' sailing characteristics. Rigging stretches when used and atrophies when idle. It's important your rigging, mast and shrouds are properly tuned, not only for safety but to give you maximum sailing performance.

Commissioning Services
SBR commissions rigs for used boats as well as new boats, including all the new Beneteaus, Sabres, and Alerions for Annapolis Yacht Sales South and Island Packets and Ranger Tugs for Gratitude Yachting Center in Deltaville.

Standing Rigging
Your standing rigging has numerous stress points, and is affected by wind, weather and age. Signs of deterioration include orange or rust discoloration, powder, metal flaking, bending, cracks and stress fractures on swages, cotter pins, locking nuts and pins, wire, screws and eye fastners.

Running Rigging
Your running rigging consists of halyards, lines and ropes, and not an area you want to economize; the higher quality the rope, the better off you are.  Lines should be scanned for frays and weak spots on a regular basis.

Furling and Batt Car Systems
Strong track and Harken batt car systems are excellent improvements for full batten main sails. Main sail management systems not only make hoisting and lowering a breeze but creates much less wear and tear on the halyard and sheaves. Our riggers can select the best system for your rig.

Lifeline Replacement
SBR uses Hayn Hardware. Hayn is well-known for their high quality stainless steel parts, wire and materials. Lifelines can be coated or uncoated. All boats can be custom fit for gateways, spliced tensioners, and other rigging connections.

Winch Maintenance and Repair
We advocate proper maintenance by cleaning and lubricating winches internal components. Service winches annually will make them last almost indefinitely.

Electronics Installations
We install all contemporary and modern electronic brands, anchor and  navigation lights, and direction and anemometer, radar scanners and brackets, steaming lights, deck lights and many other appropriate mast-mounted equipment.

We splice double-braid, three strand and other type running rigging. Traditional tried and true splicing and whipping methods are used by SBR riggers.

We swage every piece of hardware we install up to 1/2" diameter. We guarantee our swages.




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