Have you been curious as to the condition of your standing and running rigging, spars, or lifelines?  Do you know when the last time your rigging was surveyed for safety?

Having your rigging inspected on a regular basis should be a crucial part of your vessel's maintenance schedule. The reality is sails and rigging naturally fatigues as it ages and stresses from year to year. Even boats that do not experience heavy use or extreme loads are subject to stress and fatigue simply from being exposed to the harsh marine environment.

Some items commonly found during a routine inspection include weak or broken

toggles, cracks in swaged fittings, wear in turning blocks, never-ending corrosion, etc. Then there are other items which are harder to see but critical to ensuring your rig's integrity. Even a minor crack in your mast could eventually lead to total rig failure, if left unattended.

Southern Bay Rigging will perform a visual inspection of your spars and rigging to determine general condition and suitability for the type of sailing that you do. Everything will be be carefully inspected from swages, splices, lifelines, sheaves, tangs, gooseneck, and boom, to the masthead fittings and spreaders. You'll receive detailed report identifying any needs or issues, including recommendations for safety and improving efficiency, as well as estimates for any repairs needed. We will even adjust the tuning of your rig to ensure it's providing the support and performance it should for you.

An average inspection takes approximately 2-3 hours and should be done with the boat in the water. The owner/captain is welcome to be there during the survey, though not required.

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